OJ for the Masses

23rd May 2007


Tired of paying extra for that glass of OJ? We tested some oranges and came out with an economical alternative.

So Much Celery

19th Apr 2007

Help us find ways to use one of our least favorite vegetables in the fridge .

Seriously Confused

4th Apr 2007


Think the world of wine is just sort of confusing?  Watch us destroy what little faith you still had, and gain a few tips for your next quick stop at the wine store .

Are Frozen French Fries Any Good?

28th Mar 2007

Maybe you've heard about the Thomas Keller controversy over frozen fries .  Well, we tried to make some at home--with mixed but interesting results. Check it out !

A Toast to Wednesday

21st Mar 2007

Got a problem with screw caps on wine? Head on over to Serious Eats , where we'll try to talk some sense into you!

Serious Eats Spring Break!

14th Mar 2007

No, we're not on spring break baking our pale flesh under the hot sun--though now that I mention that...  Instead, Blake's been in Brooklyn.  But he did get his hands on some of the first asparagus of the season. Check it out !

A Blog Breather

7th Mar 2007

Take a break from all this year end nostalgia and head over to Serious Eats to see how we learned to broil pizza .  As you might imagine, we love it.

Wednesday Blogs

28th Feb 2007

We've been keeping busy.  Tomorrow will return to our normally scheduled content, but check out what else we've been up to lately.

Recently, we've been setting the beer aside and dipping our toes into the cocktail lifestyle. Where to start? We believe the Old Fashioned is the great first cocktail, and we did a little research to find out.


Ever wondered what to do with 20-pounds ...

Serious Eats

21st Feb 2007


Loyal readers! Check us out today on Ed Levine's Serious Eats , where we try to make our own Fruity Pebbles, fail, and settle on breakfast bars.

Last week we created a Valentine's Menu for Hard Up Lovers .

This Week''s Coupon Clipper

23rd Jan 2007

2007_01_porkshoulder7_2 Check out my Gothamist post on what to do with 10 pounds of hog for $6.91.  If burritos don't tip your fancy, look back at our previous post about pulled pork sandwiches , which we devoured during the warm weather of Grill Week .  Who else has nostalgia for those 80 degree days?