Serious Eats Roundup: Respect the Cow

15th Feb 2010

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Our weekly roundup of what the two of us have written over on Serious Eats.

"Dinner Tonight" Column

Quick meals to your table five days a week.

Chipped Beef Gravy
"I can't be the only one who grew up with this meal," Nick writes.  67 comments later, we think he has his answer.

Roasted Salmon and Potatoes with Cucumber Relish
20 minutes in an oven turns out this classy dish.

Sichuan Boiled Beef in Fiery Sauce
The fury of high heat and smoke are worth the trouble for "impossibly tender shards of meat and some of the tastiest scallions I've ever laid chopstick on"

Bucatini con Salsicce (Bucatini with Sausage)
Lidia Bastianich's sausage tomato sauce recipe using briny peperoncini to bring the heat.

Seared Rib-Eye Steak, Sauteed Shallots, and Shiitake Mushrooms
This umami-bomb of a dish rounds out a very beefy week for this column.

Standing Room Only

A column about the best of Chicago's restaurants--with no seats.

Standing Room Only: Harold's Chicken Shack

Nick finally visits a location of "the most famous purveyor of chicken in the city with an operation of over 62 outlets," where everything is fried to order.  "Shatteringly crisp, blessedly ungreasy," and "meat that's wonderfully moist."


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