Serious Eats Roundup: Pork Chops, Brandade, and Breakfast Sausage

21st Jun 2010

20100621 ser

Our weekly roundup of what the two of us have written over on Serious Eats.

"Dinner Tonight" Column


Slow Cooked Salmon with Ginger and Scallion
This simple salmon dish is cooked in a low oven so the flesh stays moist and succulent.

Thick-Cut Pork Chops with Apples and Onion
The classic dish of pork chops and applesauce is spruced up h...

Highlights from Barcelona on the Cheap

How to save money in the stylish Spanish city.

16th Jun 2009

barcelona 11

While Nick has been saving the world with quick no-soak-beans and investigating the roots of Wisconsin bratwurst (part of my family is from Wisconsin and I hope to weigh in with strong opinions on the subject sooner than later), I've been on the run, away from a kitchen, squeezing every trip out of Europe I can afford.  Which isn't much at the moment.  But a lack of cash didn't deter...

The Mystery of Salt-Packed Anchovies

21st Jan 2008


Quality ranges considerably; the worst come in a brine or packed in oil (often rancid); the best anchovies tend to be packed in salt, are worth seeking out, and can be delicious by themselves.

- Michael Ruhlman, [ The Elements of Cooking A to Z ](Paupered Chef - Salt-Packed Anchovies )

On one of my last Brooklyn weekends before the big move to the Mid-West, I spent most of my time...

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca: Whore''s Spaghetti

29th Jun 2006


Before the poor whore jokes start to spouting out, before we talk about how quick and easy this dish was, how lustful and robust the flavors were, I'll dispel the obvious and hopefully show how these ladies of the night were actually thrifty chefs without the benefit of access to fresh ingredients.  How the whores of Italy were, actually, quite creative.

Fun fact of the day courtesy of Dian...

How to Throw a Successful Tapas Party

In which we find a wildly handsome Spanish man


Step 1: Find a Spanish Man.


Step 2: Find a Spanish Ham.


Preferably, a wildly handsome Spanish friend with a hunk of Spanish ham that his mother sent him.  Jorge had looks.  And he had the ham.   What follows is an evening of many, many stages that included overcoming fears of anchovies, quail eggs, and two romantic party members who ate their share, doted on each other, and c...