Our First Year at the James Beard Awards

9th Jun 2008


For those who didn’t catch our incredibly late Sunday post , we were both live bloggers at the 2008 James Beard Foundation Awards.  See those all access passes?  We could essentially go anywhere we wanted to at Lincoln Center.  To check out the trouble we got into, visit the James Beard Live Blogging Site .  There you’ll find a nice recap of us chatting with Nancy Silverton about he...

The James Beard Awards

8th Jun 2008

Beard_medal_3 Join us tonight at the James Beard Foundation Awards.  Nick has only just flown in from flooded Indiana and we're off, clad in tuxedos to see what we can see and eat as much as we can.  We'll be among the guest bloggers bringing you live coverage throughout the night.

Check us out live here starting after 6:00pm EST.