Best of 2008: Now...where do you live?

6th Feb 2009


It sounds like an easy question to answer, but sometimes even I have a hard time remembering where Blake is half the time (Don't even get me started on what time zone he lives in).  I can only imagine what casual readers might think.  In the past three years we've both lived in a combined total of 9 or so apartments, which doesn't include Blake's month of couch surfing, which might bring the total closer to 13.  Of course, up until last week we didn't even have an about us page, which is usually the first thing bloggers do when they start a site.  We're modest Midwestern folk who could never figure out what to say without sounding boastful.  Or we're just lazy.

I'd like to think we were busy.  This year has been an especially crazy one.  Between my wedding and Blake's engagement, we both moved to new cities.  And though we don't have much to say about the local art scene or where to see a show, we both threw ourselves into the local food scene and tried to find what was delicious.

I started the year in Columbus, Ohio, where Abby was finishing up grad school.  I found Ohio ripe with produce and filled with really high quality meat, especially when it came from the North Market.  I summed up my thoughts of the city in a farewell post , and even crowned a vegan restaurant as the best in the city.

After a scouting trip in March, Abby and I moved to Chicago in early July.  There we gorged on incredible barbecue, beautiful Mexican food, and a few dogs from Hot Doug's.  I even got to show Blake around the town he grew up in, like I had lived there for longer than, oh, a few months.  I'm planning on staying.  After four major moves in as many years, I'm ready to stay in one place.

Blake spent the summer producing his own food in Brooklyn, which he wrote about yesterday . But as fall approached, he too packed everything up and moved halfway around the globe to Estonia where his significant other, Elin, is studying (we both, apparently, love to tag along with our more successful partners).  Though there was a significant language barrier, it didn't take him long to find the markets in Tartu or lay his hands on some fine pork.  They'll be there until the end of Elin's research grant and then will have the fun of moving all over again.

- Nick

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