Serious Eats Roundup: Fried Chicken, Chicken-Fried, and Some Famous Quinoa

18th Jan 2010

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Our weekly roundup of what the two of us have written over on Serious Eats.

"Dinner Tonight" Column

Quick meals to your table five days a week.

Chicken-Fried Rice
From Mark Bittman, "a vibrant and clean fried rice recipe, that's blessedly free of hijinks."

Pork Chops with Vermouth-Braised Fennel
Juicy pork over a bed of caramelized fennel: most people would pay good money for a meal this tasty.

Sautéed Chicken with Olives, Capers, and Roasted Lemons
The beginning of a quest to get Nick's wife Abby to like olives.

Quinoa with Chard and Mushrooms
An umami-rich way of dressing up super healthy quinoa, which made it all the way to Ezra Klein's Washington Post blog.

Seared Duck Breast with Red Wine and Figs
Rustic and refined all at once, and the only Creole recipe Nick could find that didn't take hours to prepare.

Standing Room Only

A column about the best of Chicago's restaurants--with no seats.

Uncle Remus Chicken and Barbecue
Nick bears it out for 45 minutes in an unheated, sparely decorated waiting room complete with surly counter employees, but emerges with "dangerously addictive" fried chicken that's tender and moist.


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