Shake Shack Alternatives Day 2: Big and Beefy

23rd May 2006


As the quest continues , the well reviewed alternatives start disappearing, and things get a little more treacherous.  Big, greasy, disgusting, messes sprout up at every corner, making me want head back defeated into the line of shame at Shake Shack for some real food.  But thanks to some random posting on Chowhound , I was given a little guidance.  Today's search for the best alternative to Shake Shack featured charbroiled offerings from lower mid-town and all I had to go by were a few scrambled reviews exclaiming the virtues of both.  Both had little written about them, both looked sketchy, and both made completely different impressions.

Day 2:
American Burger & Co.
Bruce's Burger

Day 1:
The Burger Joint
Blue 9 Burger


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