Wednesday Links: Olive Oil Barons, Secret Ramen Shops, and How to Be a Terrible Bartender

3rd Feb 2010


[Photo by Basil Childers for The New York Times]

Welcome to Wednesday Links. This is our weekly collection of four of the most interesting food links we've discovered in the past week. Enjoy!

The Olive Oil Barons
Awesome story about growing olives and pressing them into oil from a couple of complete amateurs.  Who knew that slightly less ripe olives are important for a peppery taste?

Exploring Tokyo Through its Ramen Shops
An experts guide through Tokyo by way of their ever expanding ramen culture.

Design Sponge: In the Kitchen With
If you're a DIY guru or into design, Design Sponge is already daily reading. But if not, the recurring food column, a sort of mini food-blog, is worth checking out. Great stories and beautiful photographs.

How to be a Terrible Bartender

Five easy steps to making bad drinks and getting poor tips.


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