Chicago Essentials

7th Jul 2008


It's been nearly a week since I packed up all those boxes in Ohio and made my way up north, but it sure doesn't feel like it.  Nestled in my Bucktown apartment by Western and Fullerton, I've been spending the last week trying to sort through cardboard, and finalize plans for my upcoming wedding (less than three weeks away!).  It's been a hectic past week, which I've mostly spent in m...

Chicago Eats

20th Mar 2008


I'm definitely not the first to point this out, but Chicago has some great food.  You know, with all the high accolades for their inventive restaurants and classic comfort foods, and the fact that they are hosting this year's Top Chef , I have nothing new to add.  It's just that over the past weekend Abby and I managed to fit more good food into our bellies than we had any right to do...