Chicago Essentials

7th Jul 2008


It's been nearly a week since I packed up all those boxes in Ohio and made my way up north, but it sure doesn't feel like it.  Nestled in my Bucktown apartment by Western and Fullerton, I've been spending the last week trying to sort through cardboard, and finalize plans for my upcoming wedding (less than three weeks away!).  It's been a hectic past week, which I've mostly spent in my living room trying to get other things done.  Though I can feel the city around me, and have sampled a few of the goods, I do oddly feel as though I could have spent the previous week in any city in America.

So this week I'm getting out of the house.  Though money is tight, and work still needs to be done, Abby and I have decided to try and see as much of the city we can, so we can finally feel like we're here.  We couldn't be more ready.

But where should we go?  We've already found the corner bar (brightly featured above), experienced Stanley's (39 cent romaine!), sampled tacos from a grocery store on Western, and had a Chicago dog (though not from Hot Doug's which was closed last week.  I was devastated I couldn't have one after I unpacked!).

I'm still looking for a good butcher and a coffee shop worth the walk.  If you've got any other recommendations for my Blue Line serviced neighborhood, the future Mrs. K and I would be much appreciative.


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