Pasta Carbonara Part Deux: Simpler, Heartier, and Less Healthy

22nd Mar 2007

pasta carbonara 7

It happened again.  I'm just minding my own business, slowing making my way through Bill Buford's book Heat , and I get to passage where Alex, a former chef at Babbo, describes how Frankie, his screaming superior, had taught him how to make pasta Carbonara:

You render your guanciale, and make a sauce with and the egg whites, and then, after you've plated it, you add your yolks, uncook...

Pasta Carbonara

This recipe loses the cream altogether

replacing it with white wine.

15th Jan 2006

pasta carbonara 1

One of the more sauce-stained cookbooks in my girlfriend’s mother’s kitchen is called Cucina Rustica, a genuine little book with a great number of carefully selected recipes. The title translates as “Rustic Kitchen,” and the authors are passionate about the pure simplicity of non-extravagant Italian cooking.

They expect you to chop your potatoes in careless hunks, to think less about the exac...