Denino''s Pizza

10th May 2006


After the transcendence of Di Fara’s, we knew our search would have some kind of lull.  After that fateful Sunday our quest changed directions, conceptually and literally.  We called up our friend Paul who grew up on Staten Island, the place nobody from Manhattan goes--maybe for the free ferry ride by the Statue of Liberty, then right back again to Manhattan.

Like any local New Yorker...

Patsy''s Pizzeria

7th Mar 2006


Patsy’s lays buried in the middle of Spanish Harlem, a place we sane folk only venture through to get somewhere else--not because we're particularly scared--but because there is not much there.  This is not a hanging-out neighborhood.  Its name is not sexy.  Well, not yet.

Patsy's was founded by Pasquale Lancieri, student of Mr. Lombardi, in 1933 when this stretch east of Harlem was a still...

Welcome to Pizza Week!

6th Mar 2006


Even the U.S. Government admits that pizza may be the perfect food.  It is a balanced food pyramid and a near-faultless symmetry of tastes: fresh but robust, light yet filling, sweet and tangy...


6th Mar 2006

32 Spring St., between Mulberry and Mott Streets

lombardi s 1905b

Lombardi's.  The torch-bearer of New York, and even American, Pizza.  The ambassador, and the original.  Any right quest to find the best New York pizza must start here.

We are not too interested in lore, but here you go: the original was created in 1905.  Though there are claims that many Italian breadmakers were creating pizza pies with...