2007 Wrap-Up: Travel Posts

7th Jan 2008

I've done more traveling this year than any other on record.  And what better way to really dig into a place and gracefully breach the tricky tourist barrier than by eating where the locals do?  It's often the reason Elin and I get on a plane in the first place, and if it's not, then much obsessing is done anyway. We conduct research so that no meal will be wasted, no chance for pleasure lost on a lackluster lobster (although, in some cases, this approach backfires, speaking of lobster ).  I've come back from many trips and been embarrassed when I look through the photos: it's nothing but a bunch of blurry snapshots of what we ate.  It takes great effort while on a trip to remind myself to photograph other things, like, you know, monuments.

But it's good for this blog, though I imagine the travel posts may come out of left field.  So here's a taste of the places that I wrote about on this site in the last year or so.



San Antonio: A Hunt for Great Tacos


Maine: Driving up the Coast, and Eating in Portland


New Haven: The Best Pizza in America?

Seattle31 Seattle32 Seattle33 Img_4259

Seattle and Olympia: The Market, Missed Cuban Sandwiches, and Carnitas on the Run


Spain: Madrid with an Insider, Tapas, and Life-Changing Seafood


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