An Update, Part 2

3rd Aug 2009


Though Blake announced his move to Chicago about a month ago, and even updated folks about his recent rental in Bucktown, I can personally vouch that he is not here. Believe me, if he were just down the block I'd be pestering him to take more pictures of his food. I know he spent months in an apartment that didn't have a stove , but come on! I have been absolutely trouncing him this year on PC posts. (It's 32 to 20 right now, for those counting at home.)

But I do have to admit he has a pretty legitimate excuse this time around.  He just got married to his long time girlfriend, Elin.

Befitting an obsessive foodie, the meal was absolutely incredible.  It was simply a celebration of the bounty of the Midwest. Heirloom Indiana tomatoes, prosciutto from La Quercia in Iowa , and fresh vegetables grown by a local farmer.


Possibly taking a cue from me , he also personally created one of the appetizers.  He made a fatty spread of pork rillettes, which I overdosed on in the first 15 minutes.  From there everything in the night gets a little hazy.  I do partially remember the steak, which was served absolutely rare and topped with shaved Parmesan, and something about fregola.  I was so focused at the table, I don't think I bothered to talk to many of the guests.  But I was assured there was dancing and joviality.

So Blake is going to be busy while he and the Mrs. get their much deserved time off.  And I assure everyone that I will bug the living daylights out of Mr. Royer when he returns in hopes that he will once again write about food.  We miss him.


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