A Paupered Chef Update

It's been awhile.

nick and blake

As many of you have noticed, it's been quite a while since we posted on the site. For that—and mostly for the lack of any news—we apologize. The story of our absence isn't as exciting as we'd like it to be. Basically, due to new jobs for the both of us, we've been busy. Really busy. So we took a little break from posting while we focused on jobs that pay money. Obviously, a note saying so wo...

The Paupered Chef on Twitter

7th May 2010


Happy Friday, everybody.  It's raining and blustery in Chicago, it's almost the weekend, and we're launching a new Twitter account. It's shiny and slick and, at the moment, a little bit lonely. So come follow us !

Sure, you may already follow Nick or me on Twitter individually, but in case you were really confused about who to follow--as time and again, even our most faithful read...

Grub Street Chicago Announcement

6th Apr 2010


We realize it's been a tad quiet over here for the past couple weeks, but there is some exciting news. As of, well...yesterday, I'm the new editor of Grub Street Chicago . I'll cover all the juicy restaurant news in our city from fine dining to as many posts about hot dogs I can manage. Check out my intro post here . It's a challenging new position, but one that will allow me to work f...

Cook, Eat, Blog

10th Dec 2009

wholefoods 2

Come out and meet us!

Nick and I will be hanging out at the South Loop Whole Foods this evening as apart of an event called Cook, Eat, Blog.  The store is located at 1101 S Canal St. downtown.  Along with other Chicago food bloggers, we'll be talking about some products we love at Whole Foods and how we use them.  For example, our recent experiments with hard apple cider were based...

Bon Appétit Blog Envy Bake-Off

16th Nov 2009


Bon Appétit has put together another collection of their favorite holiday dishes, and we're honored to be involved again this year. Last time we showcased our scrumptious holiday coffee cake , but this year is a sweeter affair. It's also happens to be less of a genteel showcase of the amazing blogger talent. This is a Bake-Off , and there will be a winner. We need your votes!


Fan of The Paupered Chef?

9th Oct 2009

foodblogs1 Signing on for a little bit of self-promotion.

We've never been all that great at championing ourselves, but it's an honor to be nominated as one of the "Top 100 Food Blogs of 2009" over at Chef2Chef.net .  We're among esteemed company.

If you love what we do here on The Paupered Chef, and want to tell the world, consider voting for us on the ranking page . We need your help to mo...

An Update, Part 2

3rd Aug 2009


Though Blake announced his move to Chicago about a month ago, and even updated folks about his recent rental in Bucktown, I can personally vouch that he is not here. Believe me, if he were just down the block I'd be pestering him to take more pictures of his food. I know he spent months in an apartment that didn't have a stove , but come on! I have been absolutely trouncing him thi...

Where Do You Live in Chicago?

7th Jul 2009

vienna beef hot dog stand

Chicagoans, I need your help.

For the last week I've been an outsider, taking trips down to the city while staying with my parents in the suburbs, the guy who has to find his way back north again when the night is through, spending cash on the Metra train, bumming rides back from friends. From my quiet vantage point up here I can just see a faint outline of the skyline.

Nick's a well-wor...