The Paupered Chef on Twitter

7th May 2010


Happy Friday, everybody.  It's raining and blustery in Chicago, it's almost the weekend, and we're launching a new Twitter account. It's shiny and slick and, at the moment, a little bit lonely. So come follow us !

Sure, you may already follow Nick or me on Twitter individually, but in case you were really confused about who to follow--as time and again, even our most faithful readers admit they're not really sure who is who on this site (nor do they care all that much), now you know. No longer do you have to hear us talk about whose dog is eating what, or bands you've never heard of. It's just the food here on out.

The Paupered Chef Twitter account will also update you with every new post on the blog, as well as offer a steady stream of interesting links around the Internet, and what we hope to be some interesting back-and-forth discussions with other tweeters.

So come give us a warm welcome on Twitter and follow along !


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