The Paupered Chef Redesign

7th Apr 2009


Welcome to the new Paupered Chef design!

Over the last month or so, both of us have scratched our heads figuring out how to move our blog from Typepad to Wordpress, and in the process redesign the site.  After a lot of research, tinkering, and a huge helping hand from a company called Foliovision who helped us with the transfer, we're now safe in our new, Wordpress-hosted home.  Biggest...

''Dinner Tonight'' is Famous!

19th Feb 2009


Times Online has listed 50 great food blogs that will "change the way you cook and eat forever."  Our beloved Serious Eats came in at #8:

Practically everything you need to know about food can be found on this multi-contributor food website, started by New York Times journalist Ed Levine. The focus is on American foods such as hot dogs, there are restaurant and gadget reviews, foo...

Time Out for Chili

22nd Jan 2009

Logo Though I once promised an Irish waitress that I'd never compete in a chili cook-off, I've decided to officially break my oath.  I am in the running for the top prize at the 2009 Time Out Chicago's Chili Cook-off at Martyr's ( 3855 N Lincoln Ave ).  It's all happening this Saturday, Janurary 24th from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

This is my first competition, and in typical Paupered Chef fash...

Bon Appétit''s Blog Envy

10th Dec 2008


Head on over to the Bon Appétit -- the folks over there have put together a wonderful slideshow of photographs from an impressive group of food bloggers they like -- and we're included!  "Adventures in Crazy-Ambitious Food Googling" is the new name for this blog.  We're totally honored.

The theme for the slideshow is dishes served for the holidays.  Our coffee cake recipe , handed d...

My Last Brooklyn Salad

1st Sep 2008


A couple days ago Elin and I went to our community garden plots to asses things after a two and a half week absence from New York.  When we left, our garden was thriving with tomatoes, kale, collard greens, beets, carrots, corn, and peppers.  Despite our best efforts to screw things up, the Brooklyn soil continues to sprout edibles.

We returned to find out tomato plants brown, drooping,...

An Update

29th Jul 2008

It's been a bit quiet around here--so here's what we've been up to the last couple weeks.


First, the big, important news: Nick got hitched!  On Saturday, July 26th, he married his lovely fiancée Abby in Columbus, Indiana; I was the best man.  At the reception we ate Nick's own gravlax , which was delicious and, I imagine, extremely laborious to slice for over 200 people.  Nick is curre...

Charcuterie Class Tomorrow at Whole Foods Bowery

23rd Jul 2008


If you haven't signed up yet , there may be a few spots left: tomorrow, at the Whole Foods on Bowery at 7pm, I'll be teaching a class about salt preservation and the basics of dry-curing meat.  We'll be starting gravlax, bacon, and duck prosciutto projects.  The class is an incredible deal, and you'll walk away with two pounds of meat to finish curing in your apartment.

The Daily News d...

"Apartment Charcuterie" at Whole Foods Bowery

30th May 2008

We've done our fair share of charcuterie projects on this site and enjoyed every minute of it.  There have been successes , and there have been failures , but all in all, it's some of the most fun we've ever had making food.

Wholefoods_2 I'm beyond thrilled to report that on July 24th, Whole Foods Bowery in New York City will be offering a class for all interested in learning the...

New York Farmers'' Market Report

6th May 2008


Check out my recent post over at Serious Eats , a rundown of what's appearing now in New York farmers' markets.  I visited both my local market in Fort Greene , Brooklyn, as well as the largest, most popular market in New York in Union Square (above).

In addition to the ubiquitous ramps , I also spotted asparagus, nettles, rhubarb, young garlic, spinach , and other hardy...

Welcome to Our New Design!

29th Jan 2008

The last couple weeks have been slow posting around here, and that's because we've been doing some much needed housekeeping--as you can probably see.  We've started from scratch with a brand-new design that we hope will prove to be cleaner, more pleasant, and above all, functional.

With only an XHTML/CSS learning book , a text-editing program, and a wonderful little thing called Bluep...