"Apartment Charcuterie" at Whole Foods Bowery

30th May 2008

We've done our fair share of charcuterie projects on this site and enjoyed every minute of it.  There have been successes , and there have been failures , but all in all, it's some of the most fun we've ever had making food.

Wholefoods_2 I'm beyond thrilled to report that on July 24th, Whole Foods Bowery in New York City will be offering a class for all interested in learning the basics of meat curing.  The class will help students get their first projects off to a promising start, including Salmon Gravlax , Bacon , and Duck Prosciutto .

And the best news is that I'll be teaching it !

Registration is easy to complete online , and the class is totally affordable. Have a look at their many courses -- lots of interesting stuff like cooking for your dog, home-brewing your own kombucha , and learning to make ricotta with Salvatore Ricotta .  I'm honored to be apart of the culinary center at Whole Foods and look forward to meeting any of you that sign up!


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