Time Out for Chili

22nd Jan 2009

Logo Though I once promised an Irish waitress that I'd never compete in a chili cook-off, I've decided to officially break my oath.  I am in the running for the top prize at the 2009 Time Out Chicago's Chili Cook-off at Martyr's ( 3855 N Lincoln Ave ).  It's all happening this Saturday, Janurary 24th from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

This is my first competition, and in typical Paupered Chef fashion I haven't exactly settled on a final recipe.  I've spent the past few days inhaling beef at an alarming rate, and singeing the hairs in my nose while concocting fiery chili combinations for my own signature chili powder blend.  I haven't eaten a vegetable in nearly two days (chilies don't count!).

So if you'd like to see me in the trenches with 24 other contestants sweating capsaicin please come!


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