A Paupered Chef Update

It's been awhile.

23rd Apr 2012 Blake Royer Nick Kindelsperger

nick and blake

As many of you have noticed, it's been quite a while since we posted on the site. For that—and mostly for the lack of any news—we apologize. The story of our absence isn't as exciting as we'd like it to be. Basically, due to new jobs for the both of us, we've been busy. Really busy. So we took a little break from posting while we focused on jobs that pay money. Obviously, a note saying so would have been the polite thing to do, but we just weren't sure what to say.

After some discussion, both of us have decided to put The Paupered Chef on some kind of hiatus, at least for the time being. (You can never say never, right?) The Paupered Chef has always been a site full of youthful energy, about being scrappy and curious as to where adventures in cooking could take us. As it turns out, it could take us many places, from a homemade sausage adventures to tours across the country in search of the best barbecue; from the cattle markets of Argentina to a pig jowl hung in a Brooklyn living room to make pig face bacon. Sadly, we simply don't have the time or energy to continue exploring with the same passion that have always been the heart of this site, and to give it any less than our best would feel wrong.

Don't fear! In the next months, you might see us cleaning up some of our old content and highlighting it once in awhile on the homepage. Five years of writing has built up quite a fascinating account of two young men learning to cook, and we want to preserve that as a resource and document. And down the line, who knows.

And about those day jobs...we haven't strayed too far from food. Nick is currently editing the Chicago edition of Serious Eats , which he launched as the first Serious Eats site outside of its New York headquarters late last year (and once a week, you'll see Blake's work on the site in the form of Sausage City , his weekly column about all things encased meats across Chicago). Blake, for his part, is working full-time at Jamco Creative , which provides creative work for chefs and restaurants, including social media,  video, and photography.

We hope you'll stick us in your RSS reader or stop back occassionally to see what we're up to. Thanks for all the comments. Hope to see you poking around the site. And keep cooking!


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