D.I.Y. Time Out Chicago!

22nd Apr 2009


Hey everyone!  Check out the most recent DIY issue of Time Out Chicago and you'll see me !  The issue is online today and should be sent out tomorrow.  The article focuses on some of the more absurd projects Blake and I have done here on the site.  It also quite accurately describes the chaos of creation and the battle scars that occasionally result.  There's even a great picture of me in my cleaner-than-usual kitchen topping up an Italian beef with giardiniera.  My dog Clinton also gets a shout out, though perhaps for the wrong reasons.


The seemingly simple shot of me in my kitchen was actually a 3 hour long process requiring two guys, three or four lights, and other equipment which I'm sure are worth more than I am.


I found the whole process fascinating. The picture in the issue is actually a combination of three different shots combined to give the sense that my kitchen has better light than it does.  If only our pictures of food could have so much love and attention.  I asked them if they could come back, but I don't think I could afford them.

Anyway, here's a list a of some of the D.I.Y. projects mentioned in the article:

Italian Beef

Duck Prosciutto
Cheese making
Chicken Stock
Beef Jerky


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