New Dog, Hot Dogs, and Lots of Mustard

19th Aug 2007

dogs and dogs 2

We don't usually have hot dogs on Sunday night.  I've got nothing against the sausages, but Sunday night is usually dedicated to my more adventurous cooking escapades.  You know, Shrimp Etouffee, and other meals that take hours and hours.  But tonight was going to be different.  We needed some time, so we planned ahead and got perhaps the easiest comfort food to prepare.

Why such a hurry?  Well, because of the other dog in the picture.  That's Clinton.  He's a Beagle/Lab mix that's about 10 weeks old.  He pees everywhere he can.  I swear.  He pees when he's happy, when he's scared, and when other people try to pet him.  He has peed on the carpet, kitchen floor, bathroom tiles, or anywhere else he wanders to.  But we can't scold him for now because he's the most adorable little dog I've ever seen.  Abby and I have had him for one day.

Abby has experience with miniature dachshunds, but this is my first ever dog.  I haven't the slightest clue what I'm doing.  I'm sure this peeing fit is fine.  I just got back from the corner bar so I could pick up some of the weekly free papers.  Maybe he'll pee on those.  Otherwise our house will smell bad.

dogs and dogs 5

And if getting a new dog wasn't celebration enough, the hot dogs were also phenomenal.  In fact, they were some of the best ones I've ever had.  I picked them up at the Columbus North Market from the Bluescreek Farm Meats . They butcher their own animals, and use natural casing for the dogs.  These had a big beefy flavor with that nice crispy exterior.  I cooked them exactly like Nathan's would : on a stove top, lapped with butter, and cooked until the skins started to pop.  I then slathered it with lots of mustard and never looked back.

dogs and dogs 6

Clinton didn't much care for the dogs, or eating on his first day.  But I'm hoping he helps me along later on.  Anyone else cook with a dog in house?

dogs and dogs 1


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