Wednesday Links: Ruth Bourdain, Bitters, and Asian Flair

21st Apr 2010

4 20 wednesday links Rob Ireton/flickr / RuthBourdain Twitter Account

Welcome to Wednesday Links. This is our weekly collection of four of the most interesting food links we've discovered in the past week. Enjoy!

Ruth Bourdain on Twitter
The tweets of Ruth Reichl with the mind of Anthony Bourdain, with hilarious results. It's probably worth joining Twitter just to follow this person.

Top 5 Brands of Bitters
If you've made a Manhattan, you probably know about Angostura bitters.  But here are a few other brands to perk up your cocktails.

Jidori Chicken Is the New Kid in the Coop
A breed of chicken from Japan can be killed and cooked in the same day, for ultimate freshness.

"Asian Flair"
"Vaguely Asian" is a common mode for cooking in the Western world, smashing multiple cultures into one (inauthentic) flavor profile. But maybe this isn't such a bad thing.


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