Handmade Eggnog: Creates Arm Pain, Soothes Arm Pain

20th Dec 2006

eggnog 09

Let's say you're just not feeling the joy you need to properly celebrate a festive party.  It's the holiday season, and you need a slightly alcoholic milk product to help you reach that next level of cheer.  The store-bought stuff?  Gluey and tasting of artificial thickeners.  You need some true, homemade eggnog--that's been established.  Perhaps you prepared for this situation and made the excellent looking nog from chow.com which takes three weeks (actually, up to a year) to age.  Or perhaps you're like us, and decided you needed eggnog right now .

With the nog it's all about the thickness, and to get that you'll need some nicely whipped egg whites.  Pretty easy if you have all the ingredients on hand and a nice shiny Kitchenaid mixer (or even a handheld one).  We had some excellent bourbon and rum, and enough heavy cream to send us home fat and happy.  That's when we realized we didn't have a mixer.   No problem, I thought.  We had a whisk.  I had an arm.  How hard could it be?  This way, it's truly "handmade" product.  All I had to do was whip the egg whites until "stiff peaks" appeared.  Here's what ensued:

If you've made it this far, the rest is fairly easy.  If you've passed out on the floor from the pain, just go straight for the bourbon.


eggnog 01

  • 4 eggs
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup Bourbon
  • 3 tablespoons Rum
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 1/4 heavy cream
  • Nutmeg

eggnog 02

Seperate the eggs into different bowls.

eggnog 03

Toss sugar into the yolk bowl.

eggnog 04

Mix that together.

eggnog 05

Add the bourbon and the rum.

eggnog 06

Add the milk and heavy cream.  Whip until slightly frothy.

eggnog 07

Whisk those egg whites until you get "stiff peaks".  Those with a mixer: you just need to turn it "on".  You lucky, spoiled jerks--you'll never know the true worth of a glass of eggnog.  Because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain't as sweet. When it's done, fold the egg whites into the yolk bowl.

eggnog 08

Grate some nutmeg on top.  It's up to you how much you want.

eggnog 10

Pour into a cup, and let the holiday cheer surround you.


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