2007 Wrap-Up: Favorite Posts

11th Jan 2008


A Paupered Week in Flatiron
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I miss Flatiron.  Of all the neighborhoods in Manhattan that I dearly, truly miss, this one has to be first.  I suppose that was because I walked through it everyday for about a year trying to find something new to eat.  I knew every street corner, every bodega, and every cart.  I had a whole hour w...

2007 Wrap-Up: Books of 2007

10th Jan 2008

These are books not necessarily published in 2007, but discovered in the last year.


Charcuterie_2 Charcuterie - Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn

Of any other food book I read this year, this one was the most pragmatically enabling: there was no excuse for not participating in the great culinary art of charcuterie.  It wasn't enough to admire those who make salami, or cold-smoke their own...

2007 Wrap-Up: Slow Posts

8th Jan 2008

While Blake was jetting across the globe last year, I was nestled up in my nice, big apartment in Ohio.  Between planning a wedding and Abby going to grad school, we didn’t have much free time to do much of anything on the weekends.  Which is fine by me. I spent much of the year in the kitchen waiting a long, long time for things to cook.

The spark came from the Perfectionist about how...

2007 Wrap-Up: Writing Elsewhere, and The Paupered Chef in 2008

7th Jan 2008


As a new year begins, we mostly try to think forward to what's to come.  But January is also the time for us to look fondly back, to two years ago this month, when we started this website with very little idea of what we were doing.  Though our last year-in-review-posts didn't make it up onto the site until March , this time we're on the ball.  It's been a very interesting year, with...

2007 Wrap-Up: Travel Posts

7th Jan 2008

I've done more traveling this year than any other on record.  And what better way to really dig into a place and gracefully breach the tricky tourist barrier than by eating where the locals do?  It's often the reason Elin and I get on a plane in the first place, and if it's not, then much obsessing is done anyway. We conduct research so that no meal will be wasted, no chance for pleasure los...